Protect-it maxi protecting a square concrete column
Protect -it Maxi prevents forklift damage

Key features

Interlocking, modular construction that adapts to suit your site. Easy 'wrap around' installation with no drilling, velcro or fasteners.

Integrally moulded, curved energy absorbers provide a staged impact response to protect columns and walls. Excellent performance is achieved in a wide range of environments including cold stores down to -40°C.

Low purchase cost, efficient freight and simple installation. Individual replacement of damaged modules.

Chosen by industry leaders worldwide for over 15 years.

Configuration tool

Use our MAXI configuration tool to find a kit to fit almost any column shape including square, round, rectangular and H sections.

Further information

Customer feedback

preventing MHE damage

“We have it [MAXI] placed in a high traffic area and to date it has performed well, showing no signs of wear. The column protector is preventing MHE damaging the bolt fixtures of the bollard, which as a bonus reduces damage to the wheels.”

— David Rust, Woolworths, Adelaide, Australia.