Protect-it™ stackable rack guards are easy installed with no drilling or separate fasteners. The spring clip design ensures a secure grip to the rack upright.

Protect-it installation step 1
Protect-it Installation Step 2
Protect-it installation step 3


Protect-it™ rack guards are manufactured from ultra high impact polyethylene (HDPE) with the following features:

  • Food grade - when used in accordance with FDA application guidelines, Protect-it™ products meet the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 3.1a and AS2070-1999 section 4.1.1(a)

  • Flammability - DIN 4102 B2: normal combustibility

  • Recyclable through most curbside recycling programs.



Our testing process utilises Finite Element Analysis (FEA); a computerised method for predicting how a product reacts to real-world forces, Physical Impact Testing and life testing. Protect-it™ pallet rack guards are independently tested for front and side impact.

  • Impact testing is supervised and reported by Bureau Veritas 

  • Impact testing is undertaken in accordance with the following racking standards:
    Europe - EN 15512-2009 & FEM 10.2.10
    Australia - AS4084-201

  • All impact tests are conducted using a full rack support frame assembly, as per standards requirements.

Protect-it™ pallet rack guards have passed the following tests:

  • 2014 - Front and side impact tests on 1.6 mm (0.062") rack profiles (Protect-it™ 3) [view PDF report]

  • 2011 - Front, corner and side impact tests on 1.9 mm (0.075") rack profiles (Protect-it™ 101) [view YouTube video]

  • 2006 - Front and side impact tests on 1.9 mm (0.075") rack profiles (Protect-it™ 101) [view PDF report]

  • 2006 - Front impact test on 1.6 mm (0.063") rack profiles (Protect-it™ 101) [view PDF report]

  • 2005 - Long term cold store testing, at operating temperatures of -26 degrees Celsius.

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